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Anima Strath

Bio Strath

Anima Strath

Herbal yeast food supplement for all animals



The positive efficacy of Anima-Strath has been proved and confirmed by comprehensive scientific research carried out in Swiss university institutes and abroad.



* Builds up resistance and increases vitality

* Improves appetite during convalescence

* Promotes growth

* Helps to produce a healthy shiney coat


Anima Strath is suitable food supplement for all animals: birds, hens, rabbits, cats, dogs, pigs, calves, cows, horses, etc


The ideal food supplement for all animals.


Based on plasmolysed yeast, malt extract, natural honey and orange juice, produced by a unique bio-logical process.

Suring recent years scientific research has established that yeast cell contains a substantial quantity and remarkable combination of important substances: Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and enzymes are all present. The yeast cells are burst open in a natural way, so that the essential substances can be completely absorbed.

Anima-Strath is made exclusively from natural raw materials and is free from artificially produced additives and chemical preservatives. Heating is carefully avoided in order to preserve the valuable and delicate biochemical ingredients such as vitamins, enzymes etc.

Directions: Stir into your animal's drinking water, add to food or administer with dropper or spoon.

Small animals: A few drops to half a teaspoonful daily.

Medium sized animals: Half to one teaspoonful daily.

Large animals: Two teaspoonsful daily.


Available in 3 sizes:



Granuals - 100g

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