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As recommended, Syno-Vital for wear and Tear

Hyaluronan (HA) is a major factor in arthritis and as we age, is rapidly depleted in the body, causing stiff aching joints, dry eyes and wrinkly, sagging skin. Found in the synovial fluid, it plays an active role in maintaining joint health by helping to reduce friction, acting as a natural anti-inflammatory agent as well [...]

Honest and Natural Deodorants. Make the switch!

There are lots of reasons to find great natural products that are effective and a pleasure to use. Avoidance of chemicals and unnatural substances in our daily routine can only be a good thing. The use of Aluminium, harsh chemicals and anti-perspirants that block the pores all have their negatives and so if you make [...]

Need Help to achieve your Bikini Body?

Summer holidays are looming and without a doubt this year I am determined to feel confident enough to wear a Bikini. Everyone is looking for the ultimate weight loss miracle and who wouldn’t say yes to a little extra help? Diet is the key to any weight loss program and it is often said that [...]

5 Ways to stop GOUT!

Gout is a very painful condition caused by a build up of uric acid in the bloodstream. The Summer months can be a painful time for gout sufferers, due to a number of increased risk factors: Long summer evenings can mean we stay out enjoying a few more glasses of beer or wine Summer barbeques [...]

Are you Hot and Bothered? Is Your Make-up melting?

This isn’t a common problem in the British summer, but help is at hand.  And of course, for those of us lucky enough to travel abroad this year, it could be more of an issue. Hydra-Vital Facial spray is the answer.  It contains natural extracts of roses and Hyaluronan (HA) which not only means that [...]

We can help with World Cup Fever (and associated sporting aches and pains)….

Have you been inspired to run around the football field and then now wish that you hadn’t?  If you have overdone it and your muscles are sore, Be Active Balm may be able to help.  It is a natural and effective solution for general muscular aches and pains. Why not try Be Active Balm? Be [...]

Skincare Ingredients that can actually make you look younger!

In a magazine article (6 things that can actually make you look younger, Bella magazine 8th Feb) HYALURONIC ACID also known as Hyaluronan,  ‘The Hydrating one’ came out tops for keeping the skin moisturised and toned up. HA is a polysaccharide that is produced naturally in our skin and due to its exceptional water binding [...]

Enhance your tan, defend your skin

It is the time of year when we are all on a countdown to our summer holidays where we can relax and achieve a healthy tan.  It is important to take care of our skin in the sun and I discovered Phytobronze last year and in addition to sun lotions, I used this natural supplement [...]

From 9-15 June 2014 it’s Men’s Health Week.

We all know men are the first to complain when it comes to ‘man flu,’ but when it comes to more serious health problems, men are often too shy or embarrassed to come forward and speak to a GP. The week is organised by the Men’s Health Forum (MHF).   This is an independent charity [...]

Joint Thinking with SynoVital

Osteoarthritis is the most common joint problem affecting 95% of arthritis sufferers. This is the type of joint problem caused by wear and tear type. There are around 10 million people with arthritis in the UK. That’s 10 million individuals, plus their families, each affected in a unique way. Hyaluronan (HA)  is a major factor [...]