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Have a Healthy Heart With Modern Herbals

Concluding Heart Health Month

Alas, February is coming to end which means it’s time for us to move on from promoting Heart Health (for the short term at least), and start looking towards getting ready for warmer weather and spring detoxing.

But before we let go of heart health month completely, we thought we’d do a quick review of everything we’ve covered this February to help keep your heart health on track for the rest of the year – at least!

    In a nutshell, heart disease or cardiovascular disease covers everything from heart attacks to angina (basically anything that affects the heart and or circulation!) This means things like:

    • High LDL or ‘bad’ cholesterol,
    • Being overweight,
    • Smoking,
    • Having an inactive lifestyle
    • Suffering with things like type 2-diabetes and inflammation are all risk factors to your heart health.

So what can you do to improve your heart health?

Well first off take a trip to the Modern Herbals website or our store in Halifax. We offer a range of products that can help keep you heart healthy and to kick off the list we’ll begin with the most obvious product: Cherry Active.

The Cherry Active product range available from Modern Herbals is made from Montmorency cherries, an antioxidant packed super fruit which can help lower bad cholesterol, reduce inflammation and even help promote weight loss. This means you can tackle 3 of the major risk factors associated the heart disease with just one product! Perfect.

    Speaking of losing weight, we offer a selection of products that can help you manage and lose weight healthily. Not only is being overweight a risk factor for heart disease, it also has many other negative side effects to health that are well documented.

    So what is available to help you slim down:

1. Raspberry Ketone – this is a product made from yet another super-fruit (the raspberry – no surprise there) and is recommended by nutritionists and our very own Modern Herbals customers for helping weight loss.

    2. Be Fast Breakfast Drinks – it’s long been known that not eating breakfast causes the body to do in to ‘starvation mode’, which basically means it begins to store fat instead of burning fat as a response to not receiving any new energy from food. Of course, many people neglect to eat breakfast often because they are too busy to do it. That’s where Be Fast breakfast drinks come in – they pretty much are what they say on the bottle: a fast alternative to breakfast.

3. Capsipure increase the rate of your metabolism before, during and after exercise helping you to burn calories faster.

4. Maxiburn/Maxislim are both products design to help weight management, they are a food supplement which helps you reduce your calorie intake.

    5. And of course, a little Cherry Active

As well as reducing your calorie intake and eating healthily to help achieve weight loss goals, it’s even better if you can get up and be active. This not only improves weight loss, but it gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing helping to improve circulation and heart strength.

    To be a smoother mover we recommend Syno-vital to help improve the movement in joints to help you get up and running (literally) without risking physical injury.

    Of course, we all get bumps and bruises when we start playing sport and getting up and out there so we also have a Syno-vital Active balm too, which instantly sooth joint aches and pains. That means there’s no excuse not to start being more active!

And finally, the other major risk factor associated to heart disease is high LDL (bad) cholesterol, so to help you reduce these levels of bad cholesterol there is a product called Ricepure which contains the nutrients that modern cholesterol reducing drugs are based on. It’s a fast acting super food that is packed full of essential fatty acids, proteins and plant sterols making it healthy and nutritious.

So that’s how to keep you heart healthy with Modern Herbals.

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